shake2Customer care involves putting systems in place to maximise satisfaction. This should be a prime consideration for every business. Sales and profitability depend on keeping the client happy. Leamington Interdec has an excellent reputation for customer service, and is therefore committed to ensuring client satisfaction is maintained to the highest standard. Any complaints or issues are always dealt with immediately and we will always ensure that the client is satisfied with our services.


In order to maintain our reputation we have set out the following objectives

  • Achieve a satisfaction rate greater than 95%
  • Provide a quality of finish which customers are satisfied
  • Complete work projects on time

Best practice

  • All communication must be understand
  • Permission before entering a property
  • Inform customer of management visits
  • Keep noise and disruption to a minimum
  • All clients will be treated with proper respect
  • All employees act professional at all times

Contract appraisal

  • To provide the highest standards of service
  • All staff are trained to our standards
  • We operate a verbal and form based appraisal system
  • Appraisal provide positive stimulus for working practices
  • We consult with customer on feedback
  • Staff carry out meeting to improve services