Environmental Guarantee

EcoLeamington Interdec recognises its operations and projects can impact directly and indirectly on the environment. We aim to protect and improve the environment through good management and adopting best practice wherever possible.

Leamington Interdec work to integrate environmental considerations into its business decisions and we will adopt green alternatives wherever possible, throughout its operations and projects.  If this isn't possible we will always strive to minimis any impact on the environment where possible.  All of our staff are locally trained and regularly briefed on policy and policy changes.


Implement, maintain and review systems to

  • Identify risks to and eliminate or reduce those risks to prevent pollution
  • Manage responsibilities and implement a continual improvement process
  • Following good environmental practices and react to business change
  • Develop and improve relationships with regulators and general public
  • Ensure employees, subcontractors and suppliers adopt our ethos.

Adopt environmental measures which

  • Minimise the amount of energy consumed on over Projects
  • Reduce waste of raw materials used in its processes
  • Ensure appropriate arrangements are made for the safe disposal
  • Carry out continuous staff training
  • Adapt to change and impliment where lessons are learne