Equality and Diversity

EOLeamington Interdec is committed to valuing diversity within its clients, employees and other stakeholders. We value the diversity of the sectors that we operate in and want our services, facilities and resources to be responsive to the needs of these sectors. Leamington Interdec recognises that its ability to meet the needs of individuals and communities is improved by having a diverse workforce, which reflects the diversity of the local sector within which it operates and which has a wide range of skills and competencies to better enable Leamington Interdec to achieve its objectives.

Leamington Interdec believes that Diversity is not just about race and ethnicity, but about all of us and our range of identities and so recognises its clients and employees as individuals.

Our Aim

  • To provide equality of opportunity for all the services it provides, irrespective of disability, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, class, appearance, religion or belief, HIV/aids status, age or perceived age, gender, gender re-assignment, trans-gender status, marital or civil partnership status, part-time or shift workers, responsibility for dependants, unrelated criminal activities, or sexual orientation.
  • To be responsive to the diverse needs of the sectors in which we work.

We Want to...

  • Continuously work towards achieving equality of opportunity
  • Recognising diversity within all areas of its work.
  • Ensure customers and employees have confidence, that they will be treated with respect and dignity throughout their association with Leamington Interdec and that they can trust we will challenge inappropriate behaviour.
  • Report and investigate any inconsitancies