Quality Assurance

QAThe principal objectives of the Quality Assurance Policy for Leamington Interdec is to assure the highest quality of products and services is passed on to the client. To ensure that quality requirements are correctly determined and satisfied throughout all phases of the project and to ensure that the products and services supplied to the client are fit for the purpose. These objectives are achieved by means of clearly defined Quality Assurance Procedures which are rigidly applied throughout all processes.


The procedures described in the quality manual have been introduced for the purposes of achieving sound operational and quality assurance practices within the company. Such procedures conform to the requirements of 'British Standards' and are the minimum standard adopted by the Leamington Interdec. All these procedures are mandatory throughout the company and no unauthorised deviations is permitted.


All our employees have a responsibility for quality and are required to conform to our procedures. All employees are equally encouraged to inform management of any changes which could improve quality. Alternative procedures to those currently imposed, or otherwise required by the customer, shall only be used after agreement with management and after their effectiveness and control have been suitably demonstrated.

In order to maintain our reputation we have set out the following objectives

  • Achieve a satisfaction rate greater than 95%
  • Provide a quality of finish which customers are satisfied
  • Complete work projects on time

Best practice

  • All communication must be understand
  • Permission before entering a property
  • Inform customer of management visits
  • Keep noise and disruption to a minimum
  • All clients will be treated with proper respect
  • All employees act professional at all times

Contract appraisal

  • To provide the highest standards of service
  • All staff are trained to our standards
  • We operate a verbal and form based appraisal system
  • Appraisal provide positive stimulus for working practices
  • We consult with customer on feedback
  • Staff carry out meeting to improve services